Pea and mint purée

13 January 2014

Pea purée, roast lamb, and grilled courgette sandwich This fresh, slightly fruity purée is almost comically simple to make; all the more so because it can be made with frozen peas at any time of year. It works very well with heavy, rich meat – particularly fattier meats such as lamb – although it is excellent on its own as a spread or dip. We served it on open sandwiches with roast lamb and grilled courgettes (pictured), and we’re planning to eat the leftovers for brunch with bacon and eggs.

  • For a vast quantity:
    750 g frozen baby peas
    ½ cup cottage cheese (or another creamy cheese like ricotta)
    A large handful of fresh mint
    The zest and juice of two lemons
    Salt and pepper

  • Heat the peas in either a pot or in the microwave, then whiz them up in the food processor with the other ingredients.

  • That’s it.