Chicken with peas and eggs

1 October 2013

Chicken with peas and eggs We regularly eat roast chicken, and always eat the legs and wings on the first night. The leftover breasts usually go into this delicious dish the next day. However, you don’t need to use the remains of a roast: the chicken breasts can be prepared any way you like, and can be cooked right before you add them to the other ingredients. Crispy meat of some sort is essential. I often use bacon or Cantonese sausage, but other smoked sausages such as chorizo would work equally well.

  • For two servings:
    2 rashers of bacon (or whatever), chopped
    Olive oil
    2–4 shallots, chopped
    4–6 garlic cloves, chopped
    2–3 cups frozen peas
    Chilli flake, to taste
    Smoked salt or sea salt, to taste
    2 cooked chicken breasts, chopped
    2–4 eggs
    A large handful of fresh mint, chopped
    Lemon wedges, Dijon mustard, and buttered bread, to serve

  • Fry the bacon or sausage over a low heat in a little olive oil until crispy, then remove from the pan, leaving behind the fat. In the same pan, fry the shallots and garlic for about a minute, then add the peas, chilli, salt, and chicken. Cover and cook over a medium heat until the peas and chicken are hot.

  • Meanwhile, gently boil the eggs for about five minutes, until they are easy to peel but retain their runny yolks.

  • Serve the chicken mixture topped with the eggs, mint, and bacon or sausage. Offer Dijon mustard, lemon wedges, and bread at the table.